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About Mariliis Jääger

Mariliis Jääger (born 1979) studied Interior Architecture at Euroacademy and graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, majoring in Liberal Arts. (BA)

Inspired by contemporary arts, Jääger tends towards abstractionism in her paintings and other works, expressing reflections and feelings of her inner world through different surfaces and techniques. 

Jääger hopes that each viewer will be able to find their own story and emotion in her works, one that the work conveys to them, without imposing the author’s own ideas regarding the creation of the work. In this case, her works would seem to have several lives, several schools of thought, thousands of different emotions…

Participated in the annual exhibition ‘CHANGING AND UNCHANGEABLE’ of the Estonian Painters’ Association, Museum of New Art, Pärnu (2016), as well as in the recycling exhibition ‘GIVE NEW LIFE’, Museum of New Art, Pärnu (2021).

Currently working as a freelancer in Tallinn and on the island of Muhu.

Still and always fascinated by interior architecture and photography.




2014 “Abstraktsed mängud” Peugeot Eesti Esindus, Tallinn

2015 “Lihv” Prantsuse Instituut, Tallinn

2016 “Muutuv ja Muutumatu” Eesti kaasaegne maalikunst, Pärnu Uue Kunsti Muuseum, Pärnu

2021 “Anna uus elu” IX rahvusvaheline taaskasutusnäitus, Uue Kunsti Muuseum, Pärnu

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